How to get a steady flow of new meal prep clients without spending all day on social media.


Meal Prep services by local Chefs and small restaurants have always been a profitable and rewarding business. Chefs work with individual clients and families and focus on their unique nutritional needs, and meal prep services can provide a steady and recurring source of revenue.

Recently larger brands and well-funded startups have begun to catch on to this well-kept secret. They come to the space with larger marketing budgets and amazing technology.

You’re going to discover

  • How to discover and connect with local customers without spending hours on social media.
  • How to communicate with customers in all their preferred channels without pulling your hair out dealing with multiple apps.
  • How to ensure everyone knows what’s on the menu each week even if they are not active customers.
  • How to sell to more of your existing contacts even if they have never made a purchase before.
  • How to easily collect payments without chasing customers.
  • How to automate your business so it runs on autopilot without needing to get a degree in tech.

Who is this for

  • Chefs that have their own meal prep business and don’t have time to handle operational and marketing tasks because they are focused on the menu, preparation, taste, and quality of the food.
  • Small restaurants that want to add a stream of income to their existing business but are struggling with a tech suite to fit their business.

How it works

1. Have them subscribe and pay for your meal prep weekly

Make it easy to receive payments from your customers. There are two kinds of meal prep customers: those who make faithful recurring payments and those who want a last-minute one-time package. EZ Meal Prep lets you create a payment type to suit each customer

2. Communicate with your leads and customer in their preferred channels

Communicate with customers where and how they want to without using several systems. With EZ meal prep marketing, all communication is simple and in one place. We also give you simple tools to automate your communication, so your customer thinks you are always responsive even when you’re asleep.

3. Reactivate your existing leads that are not yet customers

Let's start with the low-hanging fruit. Chances are you already have some leads that know about your meal prep service and were just not ready to buy when you reached out to them. With EZ meal prep marketing, you can turn these leads into customers with a clever real-time automated text messaging strategy that we call reactivation.

4. Drive new potential clients to your existing website

The next step is to get more new leads on an ongoing basis. Your company needs new leads so it can continue to grow and not to mention to replenish any customers that may leave for a variety of reasons. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest is to turn on digital ads. The key to any successful ad campaign is to make a lot more than you spend. We’ll provide you with the templates to quickly get started with Facebook and google ads and track all the activity and results in the EZ meal prep marketing system.

5. Quickly get a ton of 5-star reviews from your satisfied customers and amplify them to get more customers

Once your customers taste your meals and experience how seamless it is to do business with you, they will want to leave a 5-star review. EZ Meal Prep makes it easy to request Google reviews and amplify them on social networks. Amplifying reviews is a great way to use existing customers to get new customers.

About Us

My name is Darren Cato and I founded EZtransition to help businesses to grow with proven strategies and technology. I’ve spent over 10 years refining an integrated strategy for marketing, sales, and service alignment. As a business owner I understand the importance of using the right tools and digital strategies that matter to the customers. My professional software engineer and marketing background allow me to design and deliver real solutions that will give you time to really focus on your business.

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Alkhaliq Edwards

Excellent service, Always helpful, informative and professional!

Keniysha Watts

I am so happy with the services provided by EZtransition. I have been a client for about a year and love everything this company has done for me and my business. I would refer...

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RAFFI Institute Health and Wellness

Darren and his team were amazing throughout the web site development process. I started out all over the place asking him to do a web site for one business and then ended up...

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