Boosting Your Local

Restaurant's Profits

A Simple Growth System

Every restaurant owner wants to attract more customers, boost sales, and increase profits. But how do you achieve these goals without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality?

We've developed a simple and effective growth system that can help you achieve three critical objectives for any restaurant:

  • Attract more customers,

  • Encourage existing customers to buy more, and

  • Persuade customers to come back more frequently.

Our system can do all this without raising prices or compromising your brand. So, how does it work? There are only two steps:

  1. Grow your customer list

  2. Reactivate your list as often as possible

Step 2: Reactivate your list

We start with step two because it is the foundation of your marketing system. Reactivating your list means reaching out to your customers with an irresistible offer that makes them want to return for more. We've found that the best way to do this is with an in-house loyalty program that offers real value to your customers.

In-house loyalty program

Our loyalty program works by generating 15-20 offers that we promote to your loyalty members via text messages and emails weekly. These offers are designed to entice your customers to try new dishes, explore different menu items, and enjoy exclusive deals they won't find anywhere else.

By offering real value and variety, we can get your loyal customers to buy more and buy more often, which will help you increase your profits without sacrificing quality or raising your prices.

Step 1: Grow your customer list

Step one uses a variety of tactics to help you continually attract more customers. This feeds into step two and multiplies your system's effectiveness.

1. QR Codes Everywhere

We'll generate QR codes you can put on your restaurant tables, inviting your customers to opt-in for amazing deals. By simply scanning the code, they can join your loyalty program and start receiving exclusive offers.

2. Import Leads from Your POS

Your POS system is a goldmine of customer data, including names, phone numbers, and emails. We'll import this data into our growth system once a month and automatically ask your customers to join your loyalty program with your best offer

3. Google Review Management

Positive reviews on Google can be a powerful marketing tool for your restaurant. Our system can automatically ask every single person who makes a purchase to leave you a Google review, making it easy for you to manage and respond to these reviews.

4. Facebook, Instagram,

and Google Ads

We'll create a marketing funnel that offers value and collects customer data. We'll use the exact offers from your loyalty program and use lead forms, landing pages, and messenger to collect customer data. Even if they don't buy anything, they will become a loyalty member and receive your weekly text messages and emails.

5. Bonus Features

Our system includes a web chat widget that collects customer data while answering frequently asked questions. We'll provide you and your staff with a mobile app that lets you answer more complicated questions via text, email, GMB, FB, or IG. This app also handles any missed phone calls for you.

Ready to get started?

By using a variety of tactics to grow your customer list and reactivate your list as often as possible, we can help you increase your profits without sacrificing quality or raising your prices. Marketing does not have to be complicated or expensive.

With our restaurant growth system, you can attract more customers, increase sales,
and boost your profits in a simple, effective, and affordable way.

Marketing Center


(+ $197 setup fee)
  • Missed call text back

  • Chat widget

  • Automatied Reviews

  • improving call to action on website

  • Bulk messaging + universal inbox

  • Automating Followups

  • Reactivation and seasonal campaigns

  • Website revamp

  • Business Listings

  • Ads (retargeting and reach)

  • $75 messaging credit (~ 4000 texts or 3500 call mins or 45000 emails )